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41212/41221 Designed around Reading FC

41212/41221 Designed around Reading FC FM 21.3.0

As a Reading fan, there are a few players I cherish that are currently on the team, those being Omar Richards (who may be going to Bayern / Is in the current version of FM), Olise who is so nice to watch as well as Yakou Meite. Using this and my personal favorite way to watch football I made this tactic. In this tactic, I try to make the wing-backs control the whole length of the pitch focusing on all other players in the centre. The one exception is the wide target man, this is because I found Meite more useful in this position and essentially acted like a striker anyway.

For Training, I used RDF's pack because I am not creative and am not dedicated enough to do it for my specific tactic.

One position that is questionable for me is the DM, the only reason it is not a DLP is that Andy Rinomhota has the player trait "arrives late in oppositions area" which I do like but conflicts with the DLP instructions, therefore I put the DM to take more risks and shoot less often (I'd rather other people shoot).

For the advanced playmaker I would highly recommend someone who is strong with both feet, for example, someone I have for back up for Olise or Meite is Ejaria (I put him on the right of Olise in AP stay wider.) who is very good with both feet as well as having amazing dribbling stats.
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