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420 sur son 31 1.0

I wanna test it because I've a lot of success with it, playing Clermont in Ligue 2.

Presentation :

It's a 4-2-3-1 with defensives midfielders.
The football it plays looks nice (to me atleast).
I score a lot, take few goals (but more than ennemies xGs).
Everyone can score, but the order would be AMs L R > AM C = S > DMs C = WBs > RB = LB.

How it looks in game :

It uses a lot the wings of the field to lead the charge to have more space to play.
With a lot of passes because I wanted it to be really enjoyable to watch, so I've set shorter pass and high tempo.

Roles and why I wanted them in my tactics :

Im using an attacking advanced playmaker so he can get the ball lower if needed, since I'm using no pure midfielder to transition, and this role is great to watch playing.
Defensives wings back stay in their corridor and cross the ball for the Inverted Wingers + Striker + Segundo volante + Advanced play maker waiting it.

I've used also a deep lying playmaker so he can choose to throw some long passes if we can't set up a nice attack, and he is able to find the space our team created by the high tempo short passes.

Set Pieces:

Set pieces are made with various set pieces I've found on the net and I score a lot with them also. Beowulfs for throws in, and Concerto for corners.

Advices :

To be honest, I'm not the best tactician over there, I'm just changing things over and over until it works the way I want it to work.
Except that, I'm only trying to do nice Mercatos, make sure team is happy, and I ask for friendly games every week so everyone is in a good shape with nice playing time (and it seems they get injured also xD).

I can't tell you more about what kind of player could fit at somewhere, or what they should train, I'm really too dumb for that.
I'm not even that much into football, but i really like FM x).

Thanks for reading and don't be afraid to give me feedbacks if I can improve things.

Btw I'm french, so I'm sorry for mistakes I've made typing <3
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