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#4231 Aish at The Wheel III

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This tactic is based of Erik Ten Hag's Manchester United 4-2-3-1 with a few tweaks of my own. One thing I can assure is this tactic won't lose 7-0 ;)

Always been a fan of the 4-2-3-1 but this tactic has worked absolute wonders for me. Have ran a few tests and it seems to do pretty well. If you do decide to test this tactic some feedback would be massively appreciated.

Football Manager 2023 Screenshot 2023.03.10 -

Opposition Instructions :

This is what I would go for usually. Trigerring a press on a player has given me some mixed results so you can play around with that if you like.

I wouldn't go and tight mark a player with with 17+ Accelaration and/or Pace as they can be a nuisance to deal with. The MAX I would go for is 16/15 (If your players can contend with them for pace). If your player can't
keep up with an opponent player's pace its best to leave them on default marking and if their causing a lot of problems still, don't tight mark them at all.

Tackling harder is perfect for players with 10 Strength or lower but don't try and tackle them if they are fast as it could lead to dumb fouls and maybe even penalties. Any player with above 15 Strength I wouldn't bother to tackle harder just leave it onn default

Show onto foot works really well for players who have Reasonable Weak Foot or Lower ie: (Weak, Very Weak) Doing it midfielders has given me some mixed results as well so give it a try with it on or of.


Football Manager 2023 Screenshot 2023.03.08 -


Football Manager 2023 Screenshot 2023.03.08 -

Hope you enjoy!
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