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4231 for solo game and online v1

This 4231 based on pressing and high recuperation of the ball. Attack patient close to the penalty area in small spaces.
The basic play pattern is to open up the space on the sides from the 2 inverted wingers who enter the axis and attract the full backs. The freed space will be taken by our 2 full backs who will enter penalty area to center either back for 10 or flush with the goalkeeper for 9.
The defense is high to allow a recovery of the fastball which will be raised by the B2B or by a pass from the 8.

I did 2 games :
-In Bordeaux 2nd in Ligue 1 and won Coupe de France.
-In Pinsk (team in Bielorussia) won the Division 1 twice despite the prediction of the media which announced me 16th.
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