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4231 Vertical Tiki Taka 21.2.2-1503138 (m.e v21.5.0.0)

The inspiration for the tactic was a mixture of the way Arsenal were playing under Mikel and Klopp's Liverpool. Possession is not the priority as the tactic is very aggressive. Would be common to see defenders and midfielders attempting long balls. At the same time, the tactic is good at staying patient in the final third and I had many goals where overloads were created on one flank and the ball was recycled to the opposite flank for an unmarked wing back to score. You can expect goals from cutbacks, long balls, through balls and some long shots.

The IWs have been given some PI, the most important being to mark the wing back on their side so as to not give up 2v1s whilst defending. As such high work rates and stamina are important for all wide positions and the BBM. Overall the tactic was hugely successful in my first season with Arsenal and I was able to win the league (by 10 points) and Europa League with a fairly average squad compared to City and Liverpool. The only important signing made was Asensio on Loan in January.

No OIs were used.

Look to have 14s for key attributes.
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