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4231DeadlyTactic [BEST TACTIC FM22]

Undefeated in more than 40 games at the moment, but beware, it is not a plug and play tactic, I leave you some tips to make it perform at its best.

- Take care of the team dynamics
- It's a wasteful tactic, so try as much as possible to make turnover, especially from the second year, when the substitutions during the game become 3 instead of 5
- Look for players with characteristics useful for tactics, especially the right wing, I prefer it who has a minimum of tackles and great speed
- Look for a large central striker, I recommend Lucca from Pisa, who still has the characteristic of playing with his back to the goal and who has high team values
- Learn the tactics well
- The backward playmaker in addition to having excellent feet, must also have excellent jobs in marking and tackling

PS ( Sorry for my English 😅 )

Good Luck 💪