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423Wonkey Strikerless 2021-03-24

423Wonkey Strikerless:
An asymmetrical adaptation of a 4231 formation, without a striker.
The formation was created for my Bournemouth save, narrated briefly here . I started by using a 4231 (original) as that's what best suited the squad I had at my disposal. Out of the want to not abuse a META playing style I slightly adjusted some players, first DLP dropped from CM to DM, not much different, except this offered more cover to allow my left full back to take a WB(a) duty. with the LB getting forward, the LW needed to essentially find inside pockets to create wide space for the attacking desire of the full back, hence he becomes an IW. I found the dropping the RW to RM and moving my BBM to the very centre of the pitch enhanced the attacking fluidity, something quite important for a 'control possession' base of playing style. This also meant that (despite also being central) my AP (in AMC) shifted slightly right, which in turn allows good 1-2 passing options with the RW, who tends to get forward a little after my IW on the left would come and occupy the inside space, if not the BBM would charge into the edge of the box. The fluidity meant I was creating chances and scoring lots of goals, but I couldn't quite stop conceding. The logical change is to make a midfielder a more defensive role, or give one of my wing backs more defensive duties. I thought, the best form of defence is a well organised counter-press (that is the saying, right?). Due to the good quality options I had across the AML, AMC and RM who were all versatile, I dropped the striker into a SS AMCR. This was good as the press started now with the 3 AM players, rather than a lone striker. I found the striker was making lots of good attacking runs through the lines and thought I could use another player making those runs to really dominate. So the IW became an IF. And that's where we are.
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