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4312 inter milan unbeaten tactic 20.4.4

A tactic that i worked on which i didnt expect to work. worked wonders for my inter milan side, cruising to a serie A title.
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Now there are a few things i would like to mention:
- this tactic CAN BE IMPROVED. im not calling myself a footballing genius.
- i originally had erisken as the AM and lautoro as the poacher, however both ended up leaving (minimun release clause for lautoro)
-if somebody made a tactic similar to this, then i'm sorry. this is a tactic that i personally made.
-the worst part about this tactic is the AM. so if you can, recommend either slotting a third striker in and make him either a false line or a deep lying forward (i prefer the false nine) or defensive mid. the reason i dont recommend wingers is because it would lose the attacking threat that the full backs provide, but i personally havent tried it.
The Requirements
This has to be a team that is willing to work for you (a high work rate) as this tactic involves a high amount of pressing. it also has to have a strong back line, or else you WILL concede goals, as this isnt the sturdiest of tactics without a world class back line. Pacey full backs are also incredibly handy (i bought kimmich for this very reason) as to make up for the lack of wingers.

The Basics
my main atacking threat is lukaku, the target man. now of course for the target man you want him to be strong, can finish well, and can open up opportunities for the poacher (who will be lurking for goals of course). This means that you have to get the ball over to the target man. this is where the full backs come in. they are solely focused on getting the ball upfield, which is handy for them as they are boht pacey full backs with good passing/crossing attributes. in my opinion, for this tactic you woont require a playmaker too much, as most of your attack will come from the full backs making runs up and getting into shooting distance or crossing distance.

This is my left back; an older kolarov. now he is much slower but from the start of the season he had 15 pace and 14 acceleration. not too good however his crossing was 18 and he had some incredible technical stats, which got him 17 goals and 20 assists. this also was the case for kimmich

Not as good as kolarov, however his stats are lower an he will only get better as time goes on. as you can see, he is one of the main assistors of the team, and is used in full effect.

in my opinion, this is the make it or break it part of the team. a good defensive line will make up for the lack of defense on the flanks, and will equally be able to hold the line. alternatively, a bad defensive line, or average, will seriously the team, and can ruin a season for you.

these are the stats of my team. i want to bring attention to the amount of conceded goals. depsite being a very attacking minded team, we still only conceded 24, the lowest in serie A. an impressive lack of goals being scored on us allowd us to go undefeated the entire season, which i will now

a brilliant goal difference looking at the aim of the tactic, to outscore the opponent. as for our defenders, we had a very good combination of de vrij and skriniar, two base cb's for inter. now it is worth noting, that i purposely didnt sign any cb's to see how inter would do, and they actually performed incredibly.

i know many tactics that make their cb's super aggressive, getting stuck in and all that, but personally i chose to leave it blanked. it payed off for me, with only 7 yellows and an average tackle win of 85% in all comps, it was a viable option.

in fm20, arsenal are projected to finish 6th, so i wnated to see if this tactic would work on them as well as inter milan (quick note, im writing this before holiday to the end of the season and i wanted to point out some changes. for a start, im testing what would happen if i implemented a false nine into the mix, to possibly improve the lack of support from eriksen in the inteer milan save (i buy milik to compensate for lacazette filling th false nine role), and i distibute the ball to fullbacks more quickly now, in an attempt to imrpove the fullbacks involvement.)

This is an example of a team that doesnt have a sturdy back line, and yet we finished in 3rd. while i don't have the stats due to my save file being corrupted i can safely say that we had the most goals in the league, but also conceded the most in the top 7, which again shows the importance of a world class back line. one thing to note, milik got the most goals as a target man, whcih means that the role that wil be most important to goal scoring is more then likely the target man.

While this is not the most fullproof tactic, with a few alterations this could be an incredible tactic. inter milan worked brilliantly with this tactic, and arsenal did fairly well with a few minor alterations. feel free to leave a comment of any suggestions.
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