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I always thought that the 4321 formation with two CAMs looked like a Christmas tree, so I thought I would make a formation out of it. This is the first iteration of the tactic, as I will continue to find better roles to fit within it.

So the tactic focuses on a high press and creative passing play. Most teams' defense do not like marking the three forwards (2 CAM, and 1 ST) and with the CMs making deep runs create plenty of scoring opportunities.

Here is a break down of the roles

GK (SK AT): A good keeper with decent passing and good aerial ability is all that is needed. There will be lots of high balls so the aerial ability is needed, and they need to have the ability to start counter-attacks with decent enough passing

LB (WB AT): This role is focused on being fast and causing havoc on the left side of the field, the key here is pace, dribbling and crossing. A good archetype and who I use is Alphonso Davies. You could change this to be the RB if you have a better option on that side.

LCB (L DE): Here I really want to dominate the midfield and have an extra passing outlet to start counter-attacks with. You want someone who has great aerial ability to deal with long balls but also with enough pace and passing to move up and down the midfield. Aymeric Laporte is a decent example of this (just hopefully with a little more pace).

RCB (CD CO): Since the left side is quite aggressive, this role is primarily a sweeper to mop up anything getting behind. Aerial ability and pace is the most important here, passing is not that needed as they are not meant to be creating much themselves.

RB (FB AT): this side is a bit less aggressive but still requires ability going forward. FB on attack provides enough defensive cover and creates enough going forward to be effective. A good example would be Reece James, Mohamed Simakan, or TAA

LCM (BWM SU): This role is meant to mop up behind the LB and play the ball to someone more creative or give it to the LB to run up the pitch with. Tackling, positioning and work rate are essential here; Declan Rice is a perfect example. I would recommend having this position to be on the same side as the WB

CM (CM SU): An extra passing outlet and also someone who can be another more defensive presence in the midfield. You want someone with enough passing ability to be supportive going forward but also has enough defensive prowess not to be totally run over. I find Alexis Mac-Allister to be a decent example of this

RCM (RPM SU): The magician of the midfield. They will be creating the most and hopefully wreaking havoc on the opposition's defence and midfield. Passing, vision, off the ball, work rate, and pace are all important, as the player will be running around a lot to get the ball and make something happen. Jude Bellingham is an example of this. I would recommend this to be on the same side as the FB.

CAM (AM AT x2): Both CAM positions will be attacking midfielders on attack. They will be the ones overloading the opposition's defence and providing an attacking outlet to either cross to or someone to take a shot. Anyone decent going forward will be useful here. I would potentially recommend at least one of them to be an effective aerial presence, as when a cross comes in, they can be another person to aim for. A well developed Arda Guler is my favourite for this position.

ST (AF AT): This is someone who is meant to lead the line, have the ability to get in behind the defence and score. They should also be an effective aerial presence for crosses coming in and be ok enough at passing to do some link-up play with the attacking midfielders. Erling Halland and Victor Osimhen are perfect examples of this.

Further Tips:

When playing against wider teams (in particular 4-2-2-2, with 2 DMs, and 2 wingers) attack more narrowly and drop the back line, the highly aggressive nature of the defence can lead to leaking goals this way, and so far this is the best way to counter it.

If you are struggling with possession, tick off shoot on sight. That should help your players be more conservative with their choice of shot
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