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442 possession v1

I made this tactic after getting in a rut and being fed up of not finding a reliable 442 striker scoring tactic. I watched zealand's how to make your own tactic video and came up with this. It lost one game which was to man city in the league, they basically ripped through it, so for the CL final against them i kept the same instructions and went 5212 and it worked great. I wouldn't say this is completely a plug and play tactic, if its not going well i tend to go more attacking or 'be more expressive' and play wider.
I found my substitutes really influenced games as well, I usually bring 2 of them on during the 60-70thminutes then my last after 80th.
i do have quite a technical squad so that's why i opted or this approach.

also im still not sure on set pieces im currently using 'fighter v2 by TFF' for corners.

id love feedback as to how to improve it.
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