442 Shaolin hot wings

442 Shaolin hot wings 2020-04-02

Hello! So I just found this tactic for an Arsenal Save I started doing not too long ago. I found it on FM Brotherhood, whom I've heard mixed opinions about (especially about their "best tactics" lists), and I decided to give it a try (here's the link to the list in case you're interested: https://fmbrotherhood.com/fm20/best-football-manager-2020-fm20-tactics-download/).


This tactic seems to be the Gegenpressing variation of Knap's Sicilian 442, so I'd consider this a great complement to that if you're looking for a Gegenpress that keeps the ball a somewhat majority of the time.


Since it's a 4222, it is very defensively sound. This season when I upgraded my defense with the additions of Ruben Dias and Todibo, my team only conceded 16 goals, the least amount of goals I have most likely ever conceded. In the last two years with this save, an Arsenal player has had the most yellow cards in a season with Xhaka, unsurprisingly being one of them (happened in the previous season), and as you can see, Ruben Dias this season.



This is how I did this past season and the season before. Keep in mind my first season was practically the same squad apart from purchasing some young squad players like Dest and Gouri, selling Pepe in January to buy Sancho, and purchasing Haaland halfway through (this save uses the default database). However, I didn't play him because Lacazette and Auba already had a good partnership. Still, other than that, not too many changes were made.

I'm not sure if this tactic has already been tested, but if it isn't already, I'd love for this tactic to be tested. If it has, I'd love to hear other people's experiences.
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