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451 ABSOLUTE score more, concede the least.

My save is with chelsea, i created this tactic experimenting a lot, i tried it also with fulham, i dont use oi, the tactic may seem basic but its not, also u ll see the mentality is balanced, i dont recommend to change it, and always trust the tactic, dont do changes, the only role i havent experiment with is the dm support.
My trasnfers are Solet, Asensio, Merino and Cantwell and Fer Nino loan. I dont have great depth in the squad, in front i am lacking of players, trhe first goal i conceded except friendlies was from a corner, and one of the i conceded with Man City was from a foul. I suppose that if i was in my second or third year with trasnfers thetactic would almost perfect in everything. But i guess its perfect already.
I am first in my save in premier league scored 51 goals concede 9, liverpool fro example second scored 41 concede 14. I have a draw with city, and two loses both away first i was fmed with everton lost 2-1 and then i lost to liverpoll 2-0, with 3 players out jaded mount, james and fofana.
I dont use Thiago silva he only started in 3 games cause he is a liability.
i reccomend it for big clubs for sure, and for every other team. i tried to take screenshots but my pc is old and it closed the time i was trying losing my half save, so sorry, my real save was untill the world cup rest.
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