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5-2-1-2 compact with narrow forwards.

5-2-1-2 compact with narrow forwards.

This is a medium press 5 back formation with one pressing forward and one advanced forward.It has three midfielders, one attacking midfielder on attack, one central midfielder on automatic and one Ball winning midfielder on defend. In defence the wing backs are just standard wing backs with a support duty. You can play around with the centre backs but I have found best to use a central defender (defend) and two ball playing defenders on defend outside the central defender. i have found it best to use when you are not favourites as it can often get you the win. This is best for someone who likes to play a realistic style of football as this tactic is not far of what many teams use in real life and therefore is not made to exploit the game engine but it still is extremely effective. I hope it works for you :)
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