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5-2-2-1 WCB+Libero

Just sharing a tactic that has combination of defensive roles that I like alot. This formation focuses on winning back possession and maintaining dominance in the middle of the pitch.

Leave your feedback below.
I would also recommend:
Striker: Someone with good headingg ability to make use of the crosses from the wingbacks
AM (att): Ideally someone with decent finishing.
Wingbacks with good stamina and work rate is highly recommended too.
If you need to be more attacking, you can set the WCB to support, where they will roam further forward, but if you are doing that do set the Libero to BPD (Cover/Defend), and DLP to defend.
If you do not have centerbacks that suits playing Libero, setting it to BPD would work similarly, and if possible set it to BPD (Cover) .

Tested formation with Valencia, Roma and England using database from https://fm-base.co.uk/threads/tactic-testing-database.175319/
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