5-2-3 Invincibles by FunkeyBarney

FMNation 5-2-3 Invincibles by FunkeyBarney 2020-12-15

Good day folks!

I am FunkeyBarney, a Football Manager fan & twitch streamer who likes to create tactics that will help those who are struggling creating it or just want to casual enjoy FM without hassle.

As creative person i always thrived on doing clean slate option and create something i will be proud of using it.

Let's get into tactic:

5-2-3 tactic is based on balanced mentality but can be used in positive mentality, depending on how match is going.

Football Manager Screenshot 2020.12.15 -

It's not your classic defensive tactic as it is more based on knowing when to engage and put pressure on opponent while at same time having good defensive approach and good possession.

Football Manager Screenshot 2020.12.15 -

Possession starts from the back and then quickly uses higher tempo with standard passing to start the attack and mixed crosses depending on what kind of striker you have.

Football Manager Screenshot 2020.12.15 -

When in transition its about using high counter pressing and counter attack to quickly deliver balls to your front 3 which will be shown in next image.

Football Manager Screenshot 2020.12.15 -

Out of Possession as shown in picture is about not allowing your opponent to get a ball or start their own attack through higher engagement line where pressing forward is key to use.
While at same time using offside trap to allow your opponent get baited into it and not conceiving the goal.

Football Manager Screenshot 2020.11.26 -

This was end result of my season 2 with AC Milan save when i won treble with 0 losses, 11 draws, 27 wins and GD of 53 goals.


1. Libero ( support ) & Segundo Volante ( support ) are mandatory to this tactic as without them it might not work. Pressing forward even 3 star one is good enough to be your goal machine. However without quality libero or segundo volante there will be struggle. This is where quality players like Kristoffer Ajer & Franck Kessie are needed or those who can play those roles.

2. Tactic also comes with custom made free kicks, corner kicks & throw ins player positions for those who don't want to too much spend time with tweaking it.

3. I have not touched position instructions as i did not find it needed as default ones worked flawless for me.


Hope everyone has great success while utilizing this tactic regardless of the team you manage. It really took me time to make it work but i am proud of this tactic and it's achievement.

If you need more help with FM tactics or advices, feel free to leave a feedback.

Peace Out!
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