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5-3-2 van Gaal World Cup tactic

Hey All,

I really like the philosophy behind the 3-5-2 tactic Louis van Gaal used with The Netherlands national last 2 years. So, i tried to recreate it and put it to test in my save. I only tested it with Hemel Hempstead in the Conference South as they were the first to offer me a job as i started my career as a jobless manager.

Hemel Hempstead Town_ Overzicht.png

The tactic is using to wing backs who are covering the whole side of the field. The strikers are running into the free spaces. I like to use my largest central defender as the middle central defender, like Virgil van Dijk in the dutch national squad. For the wing backs its preferable they have some speed but also be able to set pieces and maybe score a few goals a season. The deep strikers should score the most goals in a season. Also it's preferable that the attacking midfielder can score from outside the box, since he gets some changes every game to shoot fromt outside the box. I don't get a lot of cards with this tactic.

The results so far: (i took over just before the Aldershot FA cup game)

Hemel Hempstead Town_ Wedstrijden.png

Hemel Hempstead Town_ Wedstrijden-2.png

Hemel Hempstead Town_ Wedstrijden-3.png

Hemel Hempstead was on a 23th place with only 5 points when i took over:

Vanarama National League South_ Competitiefase.png

After the promotion we're one of the relegation candidates but doing great so far:

Hemel Hempstead Town_ Wedstrijden-4.png

Vanarama National League_ Profiel.png

Tips to use this tactic:
- If you're ahead 1 or 2 goals 10-15 minutes before the end of a game just drop the defensive line slightly and you can use some time wasting in the last 5 minutes of the game.
- If your behind or the game is going to a draw and you're the better team you can put the defensive line one tick up. You can also change the mentality to attacking then to push a bit harder. If you manage to score in these last minutes don't forget to drop the defensive line to lower and the mentality to positive or lower to protect your win.

I used this tactic only for 1 season now with a smaller team and doing great so far. So, i decided to share it with you guys. Looking forward for some other people using this tactic with other save games and clubs. I hope you have the same succes with it as i have.
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