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This has been my baby the last 1900 hours of FM. I started the year knowing i wanted to create a new insane tactic that i had never done before. The easiest part was starting with 3 CBs as i usually don't get it to work.
Screenshot 2023-07-09 at 17.49.35.png

I previously used to slow pace down and really work 60-70% possesion every match. I found that i controlled games, but i forced the opposition down into a low block every game. Making it harder for myself. I used large target forwards to compensate, but i felt i could do better. At the same time i played an online save with a friend, and he had a good asymetrical 4231 with LAM, RAM and RW who opened space and played trough an advanced forward. I wanted something similar, but in my own way.

I started by going into big matches, and watching where things went wrong for us. Keep in mind i was playing with Hødd, and had back to back promotions into the Eliteserien. I had had 900,0 in odds to win the league at was dead last in the seaosn priview. The positive was that i had built my team to fit the system and i had the right system players to make the tactic work.

The biggest issue was wide center backs and DMs losing the ball. I put dribble less on them.They still bring the ball forward, but stop when it gets too tight

I didn't want the opposition to go into a low block everytime so i took the passing from shorter to standard, and standard tempo to slightly higher. This made the ball move between all the players a lot faster.

I kept work the ball into the box to make sure we still took care of the ball, but to try and force more balls in behind or trough the opposition. I also added cross more to the AMs and WBs

The formation transformed from a boring safe 5 back Catennacio to a fast fluid attacking formation with the defensive qualities of a 5 at the back formation!

Opposition instructions are just forcing players wide, away from our goal

- Tall CB in the middle. We get a lot of corners and score a lot of them with a 16+ jumping CB in the middle
- LCB, LWB and LDM should be left footed. I also use left footed on the LAM. For passing angled
- A fast and strong ST is smart. There are a lot of crosses too so it is smart for the ST to be able to win headers. Acceleration and off the ball for trough balls too. Complete forward type striker, but playing in the pressing forward role
- Fast and technical AMs. A bonus if they can win headers too
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