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523/343 Tactic

In my journeyman i created a tactic that works wel for me.
It is an 523/343 tactic
I don't do OI or training.
I didn't test it with other teams then these 3.

I became champion with Tatran Liptovsky in the Slovakian second league.
Then Champions in the second league with Lechia Gdansk.
The year after that i became champions again in the first leage and the second year in the higest league i won the double.
After that i went to dinamo Zagreb and after 9 games i am in first place with 32 scored and only 5 goals against.

Stand Legia Gdansk.png
Wedstrijden Lechia 1.png
Wedstrijden Lechia 2.png
Wedstrijden Lechia 3.png
Stand Dinamo Zagreb.png
Speelschema Dinamo Zagreb.png