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532 High Intensity 21.4.0

Don't see many 5 at the back formations so wanted to see if it is viable. 5212 might also work (I initially tried this), but I had better quality CM depth than AM so I went for flat 3.

CBs: 2 fairly pacy covers in case wbs are out of position, and one stopper to command gap between DLP and defence.
WBs: They get forward a LOT - even into the box to shoot - so they must be high quality for the attack to work. Someone like sessagnon at spurs worked well since he also plays winger so has good attacking attributes.
DLP: Defensively competent, good on the ball - controls middle of park. Skipp and Winks were decent for me.
RP: I also used AP and Mez depending on player - as long as they are creative and forward-thinking. ndombele and dele both good.
BBM: Anyone capable of bombing around and imposing themselves. Hojberg ideal, but can also use more creative players like lo celso against weaker teams.
Forwards: I think any forwards work really, Kane, Son, Origi and Depay all did well.
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