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A LOSC 4231 to battle for Ligue 1 and Champions League

A LOSC 4231 to battle for Ligue 1 and Champions League 1

LOSC test


First time posting a tactic here, I am sorry if I do not answer to all the requirements but will try my best. And if it needs some new information, I will provide it. Also, English is not my native language, I am then sorry if some mistakes are made in this text.

I am preparing for a save with Lille (LOSC), and looking to build a 4231 tactic which can use its key current players as effectively as possible. Key players being, in my opinion : Jonathan David, Renato Sanches and Yusuf Yazici.

Overall aspect of the tactic, winning the ball high-up the field (very high / high lines of engagement) and asking players to go quick in attack (extremely high). Lille has fast wingers who can provoke defences, creating troubles which should profit both our goal scorer Jonathan David and our technician Yusuf Yazici. Passing is set as normal as I don’t really want to throw balls away with short players, but also don’t want to prevent players from taking good opportunities. Crosses must target Jonathan David’s feet, as his head play is not really on point.

We distribute to central defenders as we don’t have any tall players except our 2 central defenders. Long balls directly to the attack are then forbidden.


The double John (Bamba and Ikoné) are both used as Inverted Wingers. They are not that good for crosses, so using them on the wing of their weaker foot looks mandatory. Inside forwards look more suited to their profile but as I was really not convinced by this role in previous saves, I want to try something to “trick” the game. I am really not sure as to what it will look like in game because I still have to learn a lot on this game but what I want to try is adding inside forwards specialities to my inverted wingers.

The main John (David) will lead the attack with a quite classic Advanced Forward role. Nice pace and finishing, nothing fancy but will surely work well.
Yazici as an attacking midfielder (Support). I did not use a lot of number 10 players in fm21. The main role of Yazici is advanced playmaker but I really do not like that it asks him to shoot less. I want him to be as free as possible, and I trust him to make the right decisions, so : attacking midfielder.

Renato Sanches will be used as a B2B midfielder. Really like the role, pretty sure the player can do it well (even if lacking a bit of defensive attributes to be a perfect B2B). One thing that worries me is that may be he will get to high on the pitch, leaving is defensive teammates alone. But as we want to get the ball back asap, him being high on the pitch is not ultimately bad. Will he cause issues to the winger next to him and Yazici ? I don’t know.

Benjamin André = deep lying playmaker (Defence) to stay back with the two central defenders (one being ball-playing) who are Botman and Fonte. A good line of 3 players to cover our back.
Remark : the lack of pace of Botman and Fonte scares me a lot.

The two men on the back sides are Bradaric and Celik. Bradaric looks not that good to defend, so he will be Wing-Back (Attack), and Celik will be Wing-Back (Support). Again, that may imply too many players far in the opposite side of the field but they can create chaos with their potential good crosses, and they should drag some players to them and so free the wingers.


Honestly, I don’t know much about set pieces. However I am convinced it is an important part of the game. I then get some inspiration from fm_guru and tweaked some things. For corners, we look to cross at the near post. For touches and corners, the idea is to have around 4 players in the box, with 2 guys good with their head if you have (1 is mandatory and may be sufficient). 2 players sit just outside the box, ready to take their shot if the ball gets to them. At least 2 players with good pace stay back to cover for counters. The last one can be between the guys far back and the guys just outside the box, and at the opposite side of the set piece.


I hope I managed to get myself clear. I would love to have some feedback on this tactic as building a tactic is in my opinion a hard skill to develop (but fun to do!). Also hope that this tactic will perform well during the testing phase !
I wish you a good day or evening depending on when you read that.
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