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Alex Ks 442 - 4 promotions with Bromley back to back 1

A simple 442 that works with underdog expectations. 4 promotions with Bromley back to back. It is very direct with CMs playing over the top through balls or wingers running down the line and crossing for the strikers. It has a high pressing transition but with a normal defensive line which works well with more average CBs. All results from National League until Premier League are posted below.

Role Requirements
GK - All round stats, nothing specific
FBs - Focus on defensive stats over attacking
CBs - Aggressive and strong CBs who will win the ball back quickly. Ball playing not important
Wingers - Dribbling and pace. Either foot works.
CMs - Passing and vision. Focus on long balls over the top
STs - Dribbling, finishing and pace. Dribbling is a top priority as they will pick the ball up and run at the defence

Opposition Instructions = None
Player Instructions = None
Training = Assistant sorts general training

Useful PPMs
CMs - tries killer balls, likes to try long-range passes
Wingers - Run with ball often
STs - Run with ball often
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