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AnchorVolante 4-2-4 2DM Wide 2020-10-16

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I created this tactic to focus play on the right side, create overload there and unlock the left inside forward and very aggressive WBL - flood the right, sneak in through the left.

I'm a very simple and nice person. I like making the opposition break down and beg for mercy before I completely destroy them by tackling really hard and scoring loads of goals - a very non-violent style of play, no?👼 Above all else, I just wanted to show the Volante some love and used the role for the first time ever in this tactic.

The formation:

Screenshot (16).png

It's an aggressive approach, full of running, intelligent movement, and teamwork. This is how I love to see football being played and the reason why I'm not enjoying my real-life team's (Chelsea's) games in 2020 - the blues are too nice, soft and lethargic in attacking situations. Sad, but true.
In possession:

Screenshot (23).png

Out of possession:
Screenshot (25).png

Just a few things to note:
1. Volante is there to break through opposition defence from deep, support overload and attack the box
2. The 2DM setup to help protect the defence more
3. 4 forwards to distribute scoring and chance creation burden
4. No designated playmaker, with AMR being trusted with assisting and creating most of the chances
5. ZERO (0!!!) OIs used throughout the season
6. All tactical briefings...skipped
7. No tight marking because...Covid😷
8. Set piece routines are on default settings
9. I went with underlaps on the right side to help the AMR get loads of passing options due to the aggressive runs inside the pitch (Vol, WB, IF, DLF)
10. Overlap left to nerf the AML's aggression and bring the WB into the game

The results:
Screenshot (17).png

Screenshot (18).png

Screenshot (19).png
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