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Asymetric 4-1-2-2-1 1.0

Ive used it in 2 saves now with West Brom in the Prem and QPR in the EFL and it has consistently overperformed.
It won the Champions League after just 4 years with west Brom for me. Haven't won the league yet though.
With QPR I came to the playoff final in my first season after being predicted to finish 15th and not signing any players.
The goals come from all over the place and the low crosses often reach the left IW.
In away games I usually start off balanced and in home games I always go Positive. I choose the lower line of engagement to try and keep the midfield compacter and allow for more passing options when the ball is won. Its not much of a counter tactic.
It needs a good RWB (Like Max Aarons in my save) with crossing and good attacking ability. Concedes very little goals in my experience. The right Center back should have decent pace since he can be left exposed because of the RWB! Also the Right IF should be a tricky agile player with lots of flair to draw the opposition and make space for the Right Wing back. I use Low Early crosses from the RWB and the left IW since none of my players are tall and that's how most of the goals are scored, from low early crosses by the RWB.
Also Pontus Dahlberg has been completely broken for me and is often my best performing player avg rating whise.

If you have any Questions feel free to ask
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