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Atalanta 5-2-1-2WB (F9 & Libero) 2021-01-29

Having fun with this formation as its my first time using a 5 defenders formation, same goes to first time using a libero and false nine.

So, the general tactic is to play the ball from the back, with pacey wingbacks, and pass the ball thru the middle with the help of libero passing the ball from deep. With the left wingback stay on attack, BWM is assigned to be on def/sp with stay wider option to cover the left side, while libero comes to the midfield to cover the space. RWB will be assinged to sit abit narrower so i can overload the middle as well as flexible to drift wide to provide spaces for my B2B to run. F9 will often drop deep to pull CB from its position and form 2 AM when i have the ball. Imo this is a team that i enjoyed alot, it scores alot of goals and having
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