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Atletico madrid 4-4-2 diamond 20.4.1 20.4.1

I always liked 4-4-2 diamond and wanted to a proper tactic with it,now i did it and i want to share with you guys,Won the LaLiga
and UCL in my first season and my main striker scored lots of goals
league table.png

This tactic works like atletico way in mysterious ways,you dont score a lot but you dont concede a lot either
schdule 1.png

schedule 2.png

Against big teams i let my assistant do the OI,otherwise i dont any OI's against average/poor teams,set piece takers are the automatic for me,best ones with best stats for whichever set piece.

As for the transfer suggestions,i would recommend gerrard moreno&rdt or ezequeil avila but gerard moreno especially does wonders because he can play dlf(s) advanced forward + pressing forward very well,also has a very good finishing.(I dont really like to use morata as main striker because he tilts me a lot by missing lots of goals)
gerard mroeno.png

Wingbacks are very important part of this formation,when i try to get a wingback i try to find ones with at least 12 first touch,dribbling,passing,positioning,marking,tackling,acceleration,workrate,crossing,technique,teamwork and off the ball

I found these two from olympiakos and they costed very little for me! And they did wonders Omar costed me 2.5m Pounds,Kostas costed me 8.75M Pounds Atletico doesnt have much money so you have to use your money wisely

This is the way my tactic looks

Try to rotate your squad at least once per 3 matches because they will get tired,especially midfielders and wingbacks because they have to cover more spaces than usual formations,my best performers for this tactic are generally dlp(d) and box to box

I tryed to explain as much as i can,this was the first tactic i shared in fm,sorry if it looks a bit messy,have a nice day everyone! A
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