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First rendition of Attackerless style Idea. I wouldn't be surprised as it doesn't work well since this is the first version but over time I will create new and improved variations. I'm not that experienced with creating well working custom tactics, but here's the philosophy that I want to implement -

- Aggressive running towards the oppositions goal with four runners on Attack - 2 Men, 2 Volantes

- A single pivot player dictating play either in a deep or advanced position - DLP (D) or ENG in future

- Agressive defence with 2 or more DM players, and 3 centre backs, all very athletic

- Anti-winger/fullback philosophy, though DW wingers give more versatility, either them or WMs

- 3 centre back philosophy, I love wide centre back for their support play, I want them to be extra passing options

- Condensing of the playing area, by having so many players in such a small space the opposition is under more pressure, opponent is forced to pay with shorter passes or over the top balls as there are many defenders in a small area

Will update with clearer pressing principles as I currently do not know what type of pressing favours striker/attackerless systems.
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