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Attacking 4-1-2-3 Asymmetric HB

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Note: This is my first attempt at creating a tactic, I am usually a casual plug and play person. Any suggestions on improvement would be really appreciated!

This tactic was created and tested with Real Madrid, and even though they're one of the best squads, I felt like the tactic was defensively solid with an average of 10 shots against every game, with 1-2 of those shots being on target.

The goals for usually came from the inside forwards, but more importantly the CM on attack. Valverde got in to the box and channels a lot and scored 14 goals in 9-10 games before he got injured :(

The thought behind the tactic was having a DLP on support with a stopper CB behind him to cover the defensive space. To compliment that the other CB was put on a cover instruction to help cover the backline when the stopper steps forward, and in front of him a half back holding his defensive position.

I did find a small problem with pacey forwards being able to burst through my defensive line at times, but I was usually able to shut out every single opposition, even bayern and barcelona.

There's more focus on shorter passes, rather than direct passes. The goalkeeper is set to pass it short and distribute to full backs, with the instruction to throw it out.

Please let me know how you fair with this tactic, and how you would tweak it to make it even better.

I have no OI at all, and I was able to get results with weaker line-ups. I did however find that having a pacey defense helped a lot.

I am also unsure about the forward position and if it could work better with something like a F9 or Target Man. Thank you :)
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