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Tactic which I'm on course for a second record breaking season.

Scored 128 goals, losing only twice and got a record 124 points in the championship with Brighton. I also used the tactic in the FA Cup which I won, beating Spurs 4-0 in the semi final and Arsenal 3-0 in the final.

I then moved to Celtic where I have accumulated 82 points in 29 games, losing only once, scoring 98 goals and conceding only 8. As well as this I have progressed to the quarter finals of the champions league, beating Inter Milan and Manchester United in the group stages and hammering Real Sociedad 7-1 in the last 16.

The tactic looks to play out of the back with 2 ball-playing defenders. There is then a line of 3 in front of this, consisting of a deep lying playmaker and 2 inverted wing backs. There are then 2 mezzala who will get forward into the half-spaces, 2 wingers who stay wide stretching the other team's defence and an all-round striker who can do a bit of everything.

The formation allows you to win the ball back quickly, with inverted wing backs helping to suffocate the other team in midfield. Not going overly gung ho with the pressing intensity or defensive line means the shape of the team is normally kept intact while defending.

I normally don't add any additional player instructions or opposition instructions that aren't included in the tactic. All of this has been used on the most recent match engine.

I have attached screenshots of my results with Brighton and Celtic as well as a screenshot of the tactic as is being used at Celtic.
Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (6).png

Screenshot (9).png
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