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Barista Blitz - 4231

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Pressing tactic that aims to score through the Advanced Forward, by giving individual player instructions to shoot less often to the other advanced players and make more direct passes by the midfielders. The position of the players aims to defend as a 4-4-2 and attack as a 4-2-3-1.

The roles of the attacking players aim to create space. They require good pace, acceleration, and off the ball skills. The Advanced Forward should be the best player of the team and should be very quick and have a good first touch and finishing ability for all the opportunities he will receive.

The midfielders aim to find the holes in the defense. The ball winning midfielder functions as a additional playmaker that just not collects the ball. They require good very passing and vision, also it helps to have players that can pass with both feet to find better counter opportunities. The players should specifically have traits to Try long passes, Come deep the get the ball, and Try killer passes.

The defense only supports the midfielders and no specific skills are need rather that the standard skills for these positions.

The set pieces instructions are quite standard, but they aim to have some variation.
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