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Bayern Munich - Hansi Flick Recreation 2020-06-15

Hansi Flick Recreation Tactic - latest match engine

So ive been spending some time building this tactic. Its based on how Hansi flick has turned bayern around this season and the style and system he has implemented.

The tactic uses the Raumdeuter (space invader) to good effect.

You'll notice pavard at right back and alaba at centre back (as in real life)

The box to box midfielder is very important - he protects the right full back and allows Muller to attack the space without defensive responsibility.

For further information on how bayern play this season, Have a watch of this video - this explains the principles very well, which this tactic mirrors.

This is a Bayen specific tactic and hasn't been tested with any other sides yet although im sure it will work with other top teams.
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