It's a 4231 with a left footed Ball Playing Defender and Inverted Wingback depending on the side you put your Attacking CM to help with the other CM in recycling possession.

Player Instructions
  • The whole defense don't have any extra instructions.
  • The Attacking CM (in this case a Box to Box Midfielder) has Dribble More, Move Into Channels, Tackle Harder and Mark Tighter.
  • The whole attack is left on balanced apart from the Attacking Midfielder who has Dribble More.
Team Instructions
  • The mentality is Positive and can sometimes change to Cautious if I'm playing a better team
  • In possession I have;Shorter Passing, Shoot on Sight (can also be Balanced or Work Ball into Box), Be More Expressive, Focus Play Through Middle and Higher Tempo
  • In Transition I have; Take Short Kicks, Distribute to Center Backs, Counter and Counter-Press
  • Out of Possession I have; Defend Narrower, Extremely Urgent Pressing, Prevent Short Goalkeeper Distribution, Use Tighter Marking
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