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BigSamMeetsBielsa 21.3.0

Used this tactic in my Arminia Bielefeld save. When approaching this save I realised I had a pretty inferior team to most of the league but I had 2 good long throw takers, a decent corner taker, a few big CBs, and a decent work ethic. The idea of this tactic was to hide my weaknesses and exploit our strengths.

The use of 2 Mezzalas hides a number of sins from the CM which in Season 1 was played 2 of a Hartel, Vlap and Gavi who was really not ready for first team football. This required them to much like we see in a Bielsa side run A LOT! and drift out into the wide positions creating regular overloads meaning we lost the ball less.

The half back allowed for AMCs to be man-marked out of the game and to almost function like a 3rd CB against 2 striker systems. If you can find one who has the trait "Switches the ball to the opposite flank" this is a huge plus for recycling possession in the final 3rd.

For full backs, I highly recommend prioritising physical attributes over technical and making sure you have adequate backup in your team as they will have to work a lot.

In terms of opposition instructions, I largely leave this to the Assistant but I always recommend Half Back man marks AMCs, and inexperienced or poor CBs should be always pressed
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