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Birol Öztürk's ALBATROS  tactics series V 21.2.2

Birol Öztürk's ALBATROS tactics series V 21.2.2 21


I am sharing the first tactic of my new tactical series '' ALBATROS '' tactical series. The continuation of the tactical series will come in the coming days.

The 'ALBATROS' tactical series is a tactical series with a very high win rate. Tactics have been tested both in vacation mode and by playing. I share the these tactics . Good games for everyone;)

You can download all 3 tactics by clicking the '' Download '' tab on the top right side.

Tactic names:

01 ALBATROS 01 4-4-2

02 ALBATROS 02 4-2-4

03 ALBATROS 03 4-1-3-2


  • 1-Try to keep players ' morale high. Do this through team meetings and talking to the players alone.
  • 2-Leave the training to the assistant coach. But if you want to train yourself, be sure to run ball organizations and attack organizations that stand for the team every week.
  • 3-Do not use opposing team instructions. But if your team's physical strength is good and the opponent is powerless against you, press all the opponent's players.
  • 4-Alert your player who sees a yellow card or remove him from the game.
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