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BJT - 20.4.1- Final Versions List (Pep, Klopp, Mourinho, Conte) - Inc Celtic ECL S2 / BJT WOM Pulis Defensive Hoofball / BJT-DOUBLE.D-FM20.4

BJT’s DOUBLE-D 442 / Defensive Hoofball, Starring Tony Pulis

Important Please Note
– given the tactical mentality and design, it’s not going to be the most consistent system. The ME is not the most receptive to negative tactics. So it won’t be the most successful system out there.

However I am a big Tony Pulis fan, and I recognise there are a few out there so I have decided to upload my system.

So if you want to try and shithouse your way to victory in Tony Pulis fashion – then you may enjoy trying to use this system.


This is my attempt to create A Pulis-esque 442 of Stoke, using the long ball with a defensive mentality & defensive roles. An attempt to create boring and effective football.

Despite its design, it can achieve some success including EPL, ECL, Championship and Vanerama North victories.

More details of the system can be found here:

BJT-4411-WOM.Fantasista-20.4 / Featuring The Fantasista, Roberto Baggio


A favourite of the classic roles around in my footballing era of the 90s and early 2000s. After creating a system for the great Andrea Pirlo in the dieing Regista role, I’ve now decided to follow suit with the Italian theme – building a system that fully utilises the now reduntant Trequartista role in Football Manager 2020.

It plays some nice tidy football, using a slower passing and slower tempo in an asymmetric 4411 formation. It seems to be playable at a variety of footballing levels with some good results both at the lowest tiers and upper, including an FA cup triumph with Leeds.

More info on the system, results and OIs can be found here:

BJT 424 THE.LAUNCH - Highly Extreme Route 1 Football

Hello All,

This is my final updated version of "Hoofball" for FM20 20.4 patch, which has been changed to be more geared to play the long-ball game to the max in extreme Crazy Gang Wimbeldon FC fashion, along with set pieces updated.

The tactic will be available in the "History" section here along with my other systems.

You can also find more details of the tactic and OIs here:

BJT 41212 WOM - Featuring the Regista Pirlo

41212 SHAPE.png

I recognise how popular Andrea Pirlo and the Milan diamond was back in the day, and so I have decided to create this for the Final Patch on FM 2020.

It will of course require the creme de la creme to play this system well, but if you have the squad and players suited to this diamond, you'll get to watch some excellent, entertaining, and elegant football.

This will be available under a separate download to my other systems here, as this is a fully updated one that includes set pieces I have been working on.

Additionally further information about the system and key elements to make it work can be found here :https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm20-tactic-by-bjt-41212-wom-regista-pirlo.html

  • Show LB/WBL/ML/AML onto left foot
  • Show RB/WBR/MR/AMR onto right foot
  • Show SC onto weaker foot

My test with Liverpool went well, completing a Carabao Cup, EPL, and ECL win whilst remaining undefeated in the league. The most pleasing aspect for me was really being able to see the Regista shine on the football pitch, dribbling away when in close attendance past the opponents, and then having the composure to play the correct ball to continue our offensive transition.

I think it plays really well if what you watch your side play some excellent football and also watch your midfield maestro boss the game, or play that killer counter-attacking through ball. If you fall into this bracket, then it's worth giving this tactic a try.



Finally got around to looking at playing football in the most fun and rewarding way possible - hoofing it long!

424 HOOF.png

Crazy Gang Design

I've designed this based on the Wimbledon Crazy Gang days, taking the 424 structure with a real combative midfielder of course in one Vinnie Jones.

However I have attempted to modify this by aiming to make the long-ball a little more competitive at the elite level, meaning winning a league title playing only in this long-ball style. No compromise....


The way the goalkeeper distributes the ball whilst having a centre-back capable of playing the ball out of the back was critical to me. Although the system primarily looks to hit the big target man, the keeper will also look to launch counter-attacks when available, or distribute to our ball player to play out from the back.

This can be both to change to a more patient build up when the game needs to, or slow the game down even more so and not gifting possession away when more calm is needed.

Also the ability to be able to retain possession and be able to put the opponents under a degree of sustained pressure is what is needed to be consistent enough to sneak a league title win, or so I believe!


-Show opposing defensive wide players to touchline
-Show opposing offensive wide players to touchline
-Show central striker onto weaker foot


-Uses a standard defensive line, so you can get away with defenders on the not so quick side
-Sweeper Keeper still required
-Hard working quick wingers, target man and a pressing forward as very intense pressing high up is instructed
-A combative and more creative central midfielder required for the middle partnership

Positive Results

-Reggina / SerieC-C Winners & Serie C Cup Winners
-Juventus / Serie-A Winners & Coppa Italia Winners
-RBL Leipzig / Bundesliga Winners & DFL Pokal Winners

I have to admit I wasn't sure the long ball would be capable of winning league trophies, thinking an ECL spot would probably be the realistic end result.

However doing the German and Italy domestic doubles was the icing on the cake. And with the success at varying levels, it is a system that could potentially work all the way from the bottom tiers, to the top and win major trophies.

It's no game-breaker, but if you want to enjoy playing football in its purest long-ball form achieving a degree of success this system is worth a play.







Version 1.3 / BJT 4231 W.O.M - def set pieces & PI tweak

All my previous systems have employed a defensive minded midfielder, and I have utilised zonal marking in full on my systems.

I noticed on this version defensively at set pieces we looked more vulnerable. This perhaps in part due to no longer having a defensive minded midfielder, with a DLP-S instead utilised.

The traits of this player are likely to be less effective defensively nor have the physical attributes to be relied upon as a solid player in the full on zonal system.

As a result I have changed my defending at set pieces to a mixed marking system, now instead focusing on making the opponents key aerial threats marked more closely.

It seems to have improved things slightly, along with making our DLP-S play morel like a DLP-D in the midfield following the PI tweak for extra solidity and structure.
Hopefully these are my final little adjustments to the 4231 WOM variant system. It has involved some role and PI changes.

Testing with Real Madrid, it achieved a treble with 104 points. And likewise with Reggina a good points tally. Both freak seasons most likely, but it is a capable system when all things are firing nicely.


BJT 4231 W.O.M - W.O.M series addition v2

(Tweaked - V1.1 / PFA now used up top)

Hi all,

A new release from me, and it is an addition to my WOM series, being football of my own style & design, based on footballing principles and where producing “effective” football is the objective.

My 433 WOM v1 was based on two hard working box to box midfielders as the driving force in the midfield (Gerrard / Lampard), one more offensive than the other with both being swept up by a solid Makalele in behind.

Inverted wingers exploiting space on the break behind opponents and full-backs providing quick support down the flanks.

This 4231 WOM v2 also works in a highly mechanical way, but falls under the gegenpressing style.

How it Functions

A ball-winning midfielder with a deep lying defensive playmaker form two holders in central midfield. The inverted wingers in this system are more inclined to hold onto the ball to help bring in our two offensive wing-backs on both flanks on the overlap when in possession – but also need to be very quick to hit teams on the counter-attack which we play.

Very Organised / Structured Pressing

By having effectively 8 players in the opponents half of the pitch leaving our centre-backs and keeper the only ones back, it means our positions at the top end of the pitch are perfect for the high and intense counter-press. And I don’t just mean in numbers, but structurally as well.

So this is an intensive and fast tempo tactic to use, with the aim of suffocating the opponents in their own half and making it very difficult for them to work the ball out all the way from the goalkeeper.

Quick and Hard Working / Fit Side a Must

So you’ll need an extremely hard working, fit and quick outfit to work this system well, and two solid central midfielders as a lot of pressure will come their way at times.

And yes we do have a creative advanced playmaker in the side, looking to dictate and pull the strings to help give the time for our wing-backs to advance in close support of the Inverted Wingers.


-show opposing defensive wide players to touchline

-show opposing offensive wide players to touchline

-show opposing central striker to weaker foot

Positive Results

Tested so far:

Ajax – League and Champions League

Reggina – Serie C/C Winners and Super Cup Winners

Liverpool – League, Carabao, Champions League

I’d like to do a bit more testing in due course, but for now I think it plays quite well so I’ve made it available for upload.


The real stand out result for me was winning the Champions League with Ajax. I formulated the system using them, as I felt they were a side capable with the right signings of competing with the more considered top European clubs.

You’ll see from the screenshot there were some good investments to replace De Jong and De Ligt.


More pleasing was that we appeared to control the game vs a strong Liverpool outfit. My 433 WOM wasn’t of a gegenpressing nature, but the 433 Klopp and this 4231 WOM also is – it’s quite clear gegenpressing is strong on this FM.

But a tactic is only as good as players suited to the system. So make sure you have the players capable of playing this style of football, and I hope it also works for you.



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BJT's – SWEET-HARMONY.433 / Man City & Liverpool Hybrid

City and Liverpool as One

I wanted to try and create something a little more unlike the way I usually create a tactic.

Often my approach when trying to produce my own style of football is based on a decent structure that will try to not compromise my team too much defensively, often achieved by a great deal of symmetry.

This time around, my approach was instead to cause the opponents more problems with a variety of offence, and is a lot less symmetrical in its structure.

So this perhaps is designed for more capable sides – but don’t worry, I have tried to create it so there is a degree of solidness defensively too.

And when I self analyse how this function – imagine Man City when they did the domestic treble using Sane and David Silva the Mezzala on the left, and Liverpool with Salah and Trent Arnold on the right.

This system combines the methods in the way both of these sides attack.

And so here is my SWEET HARMONY system.

It’s features:

-Designed to bring a variety of different offensive options all over the pitch including underlaps, overlaps, deep swift counters, and a pinpoint pass from the deep playmaker

-Utilises a Carrick in front of the defence to defend whilst pulling the strings.

-Implements a Mezzala-A and BBM-S in the middle of the pitch

-The Mezzala will create overloads with the winger on the left, covered by an Inverted WB-S on the left

-The inside forward on the right will work in tandem with the RWB-A to either overlap or create space for the inside forward to exploit

-A high tempo, but not too high to allow both the offensive Mezzala and Wing-backs to join the play in the offensive third

I believe the balance on the left and right side of the pitches is still in place for a defensive structure. By not engaging too high up it should hopefully promote a more structured pressing approach from the two centre midfielders, but still high enough to put pressure when without the ball.


-Show opposing defensive wide players to touchline

-Show opposing offensive wide players to weaker foot

Positive Results

-Top Tier Titles so far, incl Eng, Spa, Ita, Netherlands, Portugal,

-Promoted 1st from Serie C with record 97 points Reggina

-Promoted 1st from Serie B Benevento

-Finished 9th with Villa Premiership first season, Predicted 18th

-Promoted 1st with Cover Rangers Lowest Scottish Tier

-Promoted 1st with Fulham in Championship as Centurions

So this is another 433 variant of mine, allowing for a more varied approach going forward which I believe should aid in breaking some more of those stubborn sides down.

It also seems capable at the lower levels of football - and more importantly, the tactic plays good football.

Key is making sure you have a talented Mezzala that can dribble with the ball, and an Inverted Wing-back that has attributes where he is capable to act like a central midfielder.

So if you want a system that is a Man City / Liverpool hybrid in structure, this should be a nice system to try.
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PI Tweak - nothing major I believe, but a preference in how my cover defender plays out from the back.