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Brentford Treble Winners In Season 1 - 442 Wide Diamond 2023-11-19

I was testing out a wide 442 diamond formation with Brentford and won everything domestically in season 1.

See screenshots below of the results and the tactic (which you can download with this post, so that you can see player instructions and everything else).

Opposition Instructions are critical to make this tactic work, see a screenshot of these below too. These are the same as used by Vujevic, so credit to him for these :)

I have also developed my own set pieces (which you can download with this post too) and you can see these scored 35 goals and were a major factor behind my success - These rely on having good set piece kick takers and players with good jumping reach, heading, anticipation and strength.

A quick overview of the suggested stats/traits for the players in each position:

GK - Jumping Reach, Aerial Reach & One On Ones

FB - Good all round players with Pace, Positioning, Off the ball, Decisions, Concentration

CB - Jumping Reach, Heading, Anticipation, Composure, Concentration, Decisions - Good trait would be brings ball out of defence

DM - Same as CB but with Passing and Work Rate too

W - Pace, Acceleration, Dribbling, Agility, Crossing, Work Rate - Good traits would be runs with ball often & runs with ball down left/right

AM - Pace, Acceleration, Dribbling, Agility, Passing, Off the Ball, Work Rate, Vision - Good traits would be tries killer balls often & gets into opposition area

AF - Pace, Acceleration, Off the ball, Finishing Composure, Jumping Reach, Heading - Good traits would be tries to beat offside trap & any of the finishing traits

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Brentford Season 1 Shape.png

Brentford Prem S1.png

Brentford FA Cup S1.png

Brentford Carabao Cup S1.png

Brentford OI's.png

Brentford OI's 2.png

Brentford S1 Set Pieces.png
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