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Here is my first tactic for FM22, crazy comparisson Burnley-Barca but we played such great football I had to use that name. I often had brilliant team goal or brilliant play etc on highlights. I actually started the season with another tactic that had me down the bottom with some bad results so for this to turn it around and get me 7th was amazing! Especially being 4th top scorers in the league just 5 behind city who as you know have a much better squad.

Formation is 4-2-2-2 and guide for players as follows but I had fav for relegation with a couple of additions on loan / transfers and still managed to do well. I would imagine with better players it could do even more so wanted people to test it.

GK - Usual GK stats, good distribution helps.
FB - Good dribbling, stamina, tackling
DC - Left side quick for cover, Heading, Jumping reach and position. Right side similar doesnt need to be as fast.
MC - Stamina, workrate, passing, composure, long shots is a bonus
W - Both wingers need to be fast, dribbling, crossing, passing, flair
ST - Right side should be tall, heading, jumping reach, passing, target man type who can finish, left side quick, finishing, composure and off ball.

I do not use OI, assistant does team talks and I never change anything on the tactic during the season.

Let me know if you try it, would love to know if it works for others.
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