Central WM - Ideal Tactic For Biggest Teams

Central WM - Ideal Tactic For Biggest Teams v1

In this tactic, the main mentality is focusing on central area. Because of this, all of our roles positioning at center of the pitch. Thus, we can generate a quantitative advantage.

At the positioning, our half-back goes between two centre backs. And both of "false-backs" comes to center and position front of our defensive line. In this way, we create an "M" in first part of the field. One of our "Mezzela"s making goal runs everytime and he's using empty packs of opponents defense which are the False 9 created. The False 9 and the other Mezzela, providing the connection between first and second part of our team. Both of Inwerted Forwards stays at the box with one of our Mezzelas (attack minded one). So, with this, we comlplate the "W".

Using this tactic, you can make totally useles and ineffective, your opponets full-backs and wingers in defense. Because, in this tactic, we use only the central area at all. All of our players in the centre but opponent is in the wingers with four players.

1 - Basic Outline

2 - When We Get The Ball

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3 - On Possession
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