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Christmas tree 2020-01-14

Sweeper keeper + 2 BPD's, 2 WB's. a DLP, 2 Wide Playmakers, 2 SS's and a DLP. Worked pretty well for me.. mostly in cup matches (England) vs. teams in BPL and Championship.. i used it with my Second team (U23) and i have 100% winrate and 3 goals almost every game.

Edit from @Danwolf - added the image of the tactic from @klaasjan. Feel free to amend / delete this line later.
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Tried it in 3 games as I am in preseason and it's surprisingly solid. The Real Madrid game was played with my rotation team and they still managed to win despite some of them are out of positions (specially the RW):

So seems I will need a good and cheap RW who can play there as a RM/RW when I will use the christmas tree (most likely in very hard games) as this is guy is my best solution:, while Parigini is a Championship player at most and the board lacks any ambition to give me some money to improve a squad I've build mostly for 41221 wide!

Obviously will slowly switch my recruiting to get someone able to play better there! :D