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COIN BIRD - Rush (Strikerless Tactic)

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Since FM21 I have fallen in love with strikerless formations, so this is one of my attempts to find a powerful shape for FM22.

Current Version of Rush I have been using on stream and also in testing leagues.

After lots of testing and adjustments for the current 22.2 patch this version of Rush sees the SS move to an AMa and the CMa with new player instructions. I have found that the AMa will recieve a lot of cross so one of the things to look out for when using this tactic is to find someone who can win ariel battles in the middle as well as IWa who can use both feet and cross as with the current ME you will find them drifting outside if they middle is clogged. This leads a lot of crosses coming into the middle.

This tactic plays heavily on the idea of Pace. So, Speed is kind here, find players who can get up and down the pitch and can dribble well.

Current set pieces are a test set that I have been working on.

You can also find my other Rush Tactics on FMArena at these links Dino Strikerless Tactics | Football Manager 2022 Tactics Sharing Section | TFF's 75 Siblings ; Dino Rush 1.0 [4-3-3-0] | Football Manager 2022 Tactics Sharing Section | TFF's 75 Siblings

Test Results

This has been doing amazing only in testing but also live for both Underdog/Lower league teams and for World Class players/ Draft PVP.

Test Format
Current test format is a 10-team league where they play 76 games against each other with no cups only league play.

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