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!!!!!D-R-L-W!!!!!4-3-3 Champions League 1st season Wolves, Girona and Hellas Verona 2

I did som changes to the tactic, and it made the tactic better and more stable.

First season:
Premier League table 2023-24.png

Nottm Forrest Transfers 2023-24.png

2nd season:
Premier League table 2024-25.png

Nottm Forrest Transfers 2024-25.png

Nottm Forrest Schedule 2024-25 1.png

Nottm Forrest Schedule 2024-25 2.png

Nottm Forrest Squad 2025.png

Players stats:
Premier League 2024-25 players stats.png

Team stats:
Premier League 2024-25 Team stats.png

Unlucky exit Champions League against PSG:
Away first leg:
PSG away.png

Home 2nd leg:
PSG home.png

Hope some of you will test it!


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