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playgm Diamond 4-4-2 V3.5 and Blue Itlay 3-5-2 V4

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About the latest design of small diamond 4-4-2 and blue Italy 352!

I'm using blue Italy V4 to coach Kaiserslautern, an old German club, to jump smoothly for two consecutive times! Return to the vision of the German top league!

This generation 3-5-2 is not a very strong formation! I tried a lot of instructions and role matching before.
Creativity and pressure are stronger. Fiorentina won the Italian Serie A championship with 98 points!

In fact, I found a set of command combination before, which is a high-level oppression style, but it must cooperate with the role of IVB. I don't like this responsibility! One of the biggest charms of 352 is the two WBS, which burst into the enemy's heart like a winged fighter!

About 442 diamond diamond,This is a tactic designed according to the small diamond during the Milan Dynasty,

At that time, the forwards were Crespo and Shevchenko, the front waist was Kaka, the two cm were Seedorf and Gattuso, and the back waist was Pirlo, Maldini and the WB sides of Cafu branch!

The difference is that two strikers F9 was not popular at that time. I just designed and AF to form one high and one fast in order to ensure the record!

It is worth mentioning that at 07 and 08, the combination of forwards at that time was Gilardino and Inzaghi. The former was an all-round striker and the latter was a point grabbing striker! The two full backs are Jankulovski and Oddo

4-4-2 Diamond V3 站位.png
蓝色意大利3-5-2 V4站位.png
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