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DOGS 442 2019-12-02

After starting out unemployed 1st season I took over an underperforming York City team late on. I managed to reach the job target of finishing top half but the team were all over the place and I was struggling to get any consistency.

Preseason 2 I devised a makeshift 442 then found some decent loan players to help me fill it out. I won my first two league games then after a horrific loss 3rd game in, I thought I am going to struggle with inconsistencies again. I made some tweaks and stumbled accidentally on a monster possession 442. I went on a crazy 43 game unbeaten run destroying all the league records and finishing with a crazy 121 points. My kpr had 33 clean sheets. My 442 stifles the game.

I will say my team was preseason favs so maybe no real surprise I won the league, however it was the consistency of holding teams to shutouts. I have added screenshots of when I played higher league opposition to show that I was dominating even when an underdog.

the only bad result was a 3-0 away defeat to Wrexham in the FA cup where we outplayed them for long periods and they scored two long-range shots and a header from a corner.

I set Assistant Manager to OIs

I do team talks

I only use demand more as a shout if the shot count isn't starting to rack up in the first half. If 0-0 at HT I'm always unhappy;). If still 0-0 second half I use "demand more" again.

You can shoehorn most players into the positions a bit of common sense applies tho. The one main position that you really want to have a proper fit for is the DLP support he is your main man. If you have a weak player in that spot I think the tactic will struggle as he really is the star of the show.

Now not claiming this tactic to be a world beater but if you want a nice control tactic that's this is a pretty solid all-rounder, would be nice to get some feedback on if it has had the same effect after bedding in on your own saves

anyhow here are some screenshots











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