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dosemeci's 4-2-3-1 Gegenpress, [Invincibles!] 100+ goals, 100+ points, 100 goal difference, META 1

Galatasaray [BETA]

Played all matches. Used no transfers.

Invincibles: 38 league games without losing
High goal scoring: 129 league goals
37 wins 1 draw in the league, in 14 league games scored 4+ goals including a 6-0 Istanbul derby victory against Besiktas, 8-1 against Konyaspor, 7-0 against Adana DS, 6-0 against Hatayspor, 7-0 against strong Trabzonspor.

The tactic employs a high press line and a high defensive line, along with maximum tempo. It relies on physical players and involves constant pressing across almost the entire pitch, aiming to prevent short goalkeeper distribution. Players are encouraged to step up and quickly regain possession. In transition, the tactic leverages creative playmakers, physical inside forwards, and overlapping wing and full-backs to overload the opponent's half, creating significant goal-scoring opportunities.

With this strategy, your team is expected to record the highest number of shots, generate the most expected goals (xG), and score the most goals. However, it is a somewhat risky tactic defensively. It is recommended to have strong defenders with proficiency in all aspects to ensure defensive solidity.

Man City [BETA]

Tested for one season, no transfers, reject all offers, and on full holiday! Delighted with the result.

Scored 104 league goals, 96 points, 2.2xG with clinical shooting. +78 goal difference
has 49 matches, 71 goals!
Kevin De Bruyne
has 47(2) matches, 18 goals, and 18 assists.

Notable wins:
6-1 against Arsenal,
4-1 against both Liverpool and Chelsea
9-0 against Luton
5-1 against Newcastle
5-0 against Fulham
5-1 against Brighton
5-0 against Nott Forest

Aston Villa [BETA]

Tested for one season, no transfers, reject all offers, and on full holiday! Pretty happy with the result.

The assistant manager poorly managed and overworked the team, resulting in injuries, especially in February and March. Nevertheless, while on holiday, the team secured 4th place in the Premier League, reached the semi-finals in the UEFA, and made it to the quarter-finals in the FA Cup.

Datahub results indicate that Aston Villa had an average xG of 1.7, which was good enough to secure 4th place. However, targeted outcomes such as a significant goal difference and scoring 100+ goals were not achieved. Shooting data underscores the issue with the team's poor long-shot skills. The tactic relies on relentless shooting from all four attacking players, and the best XI's average long-shot skill is around 12-13. Please refer to further data in AVDatahub.PNG.

Please try and let me know what you achieve with your team.

To be continued...
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