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Drlws 433 4th place with Nottm Forest, 6-0 win over PSG

This is an attacking 433 formation that creates chances from counterattacks and wide crosses. I think my first season with Nottingham Forest shows that this tactic is good.

It is important to have the pace of the defensive four, because of the high defensive line. The forward should also have a decent pace and be good in the air. The wing players must be reversed, left-footed on the right wing and right-footed on the left wing.

In general, good passing skills are preferred in the team.

In midfield it is important to have good fitness and it is nice if they are capable of scoring goals.

Look at the screens and give it a go! :)
Table pts.jpg
Table Xg.jpg
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  1. New and better version

    Some tweaks done, and I think it's better defensive. See post #8