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EL TURCO - erenakbas - 4141

Hello my dear friends..
While using the 424 RE-Chainsaw tactic in my career experiment, I wanted to make a few changes and when I saw that these changes were effective, I wanted to share them with you. First of all, I would like to thank the person who shared the 424 RE-Chainsaw tactic. I wanted to put the name of the update because I made a tactical edit. I present the tactic with the name of my dear friend and follower erenakbas in its edited form.​

Chelsea_ Genel Bakış.png

Chelsea_ Fikstür.png

Chelsea_ Fikstür-2.png

Chelsea_ Fikstür-3.png

Chelsea_ Fikstür-3.png

Chelsea_ Fikstür-4.png

Chelsea_ Turnuvalar.png

Premier League_ Turlar.png

Chelsea_ Genel Bakış-2.png

Enjoyable Games ;)