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FMKorea FMNation TCM El Turco - FM 21 21.4.0 - Magic Tactic Football Manager 2021 - Patch 21.4.0

Hello my friends .. After a long time, I will be with you again with the FM 21 series .. I share with you another El Turco tactic after the success I gained with my last rome career, which I tried and succeeded in many teams.​

Serie A TIM_ Turlar.png

A.S. Roma_ Turnuvalar.png

In the image, the change of the Roma team with its humble staff and the first season to win the UEFA Europa League show how good the tactic was. I would be very happy if you try tactics in different teams and share your positive or negative comments ..

Good Games :)

Hello my friends ...

I'm here with a better version of our tactic ...
I tried our new tactic with the Sheffield United team and I am sharing the pictures with you ...

Sheffield United_ Genel Bakış.png

Premier League_ Turlar.png

Sheffield United_ Fikstür-2.png

Sheffield United_ Fikstür-3.png

Sheffield United_ Fikstür-4.png

Sheffield United_ Fikstür-5.png

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