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Error505 2.2.2-15

The original version of this tactic pushed Leverkusen to a decade of Bundesliga and UCL dominance inside one season of start back in FM18.

This is a retest to see how it would fare in the new game.

The system relies on wingers with ability offering width, a dramatic overload in the box with 3 forwards (the centre player who drops deepest), a very defensively-solid yet very ball-capable deep-lying playmaker, and a reasonably simple set of instructions;

It doesn't try to rush turnover or possession, but a focus on getting the ball forward via distributing to the playmaker who then focuses deep or wide channels quickly in transition. The lines of engagement are quite deep to aid with defending - no high-line gegenpress turnover ideas here.

Also, there are no 3 forward, 5-attacking unit systems on the tactics currently :)
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