EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE - I do NOT support this IRL, but heres what the experience would look like

EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE - I do NOT support this IRL, but heres what the experience would look like 2021-04-19

I've heard people ask about this so i though i'd put it together today. I personally am completely against a Super League but i wanted to create this database so people can experience it.
You'll possibly enjoy it for a while but the whole point is to see how stale it becomes after time as these clubs can only play in this competition and nothing else.
So please feel free to give this a download and leave some feedback as this is what football could possibly become.
Download link:
Game description:
The European Super League was announced in April 2021.
This database uses teams were announced plus some other potential participants.
This contains:
*The ESL - 20 teams divided into 2 groups of 10.
*Teams play eachother twice in the regular season.
*the top 4 teams from each group progress into the knockout rounds
*The 8 remaining teams play single round knockouts until a champion is decided.
*Player valuations and wages increased to match likley outcome of a mass influx of finances.
*Each club has a B team in a reserve division
*Each team has a under 21 team in a youth division.
There are no cups, super cup or continental qualification as proposed in real life.
Players can still play for their national teams as i cannot remove that.
Please note:
The whole purpose of this database is to show how boring the league will eventually become if this was to ever happen, i DO NOT support the idea of a real life European Super League.
If you download and play this then please leave feedback on how you find it, Let me know if the lack of competitions to play in or the same fixtures year in year out become stale.
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