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Fake strikers » A.K.A - Shadow Striker - 4-3-3 V21.4

This TCT is an evolution from Phoenix - APDM - 2 AF Phoenix - APDM - 2 AF | FM Base (fm-base.co.uk)

How i usually play:

* I use left foot on ML and right foot on MR.
* Corner taker i use inverted foot and preferebly one of the 3 AMC or WR/WL, all toher players stay out of corner taking.
* Free kick, for the regular free kick the best player and if possible left foot on left side and same to the right.
Indirect (wide) free kick i always use one of the 3 AMC., for the deep (IFK) i always use de mc.
* DC must be tall guys with good jumping reach, i try to have a tall defence and MC.
* Dont use OI and I dont do pep talk's at begining of the match, only on midd time and end, i do use alot of sideline shouts, specially "Berate".
* General training is handled by AM.
* On offensive corners its important to check that you have a minimmum of 1 player outside the area because it will be important to kill the counter attack and to take advantage of a lost ball.

Hope you enjoy this TCT as much as me.
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