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false nine with shadow striker 21.4

I use this tactic with Galatasaray with first window transfers. But after I decide to share this tactic, I make a little sim.
This tactic tested at four different teams. I close the first transfer window and sim the whole process.

1- Liverpool -> They lost to premier league to Man United but won the ECL.
2- Lazio -> They won the league 1 point over Juve and lost at quarter finals of the ECL
3- Metz -> They finish 3rd at the league and they qualified for the ECL
4- Fulham -> They finish 11th at the league.

The main motivation of this tactic is playing with player roles I love the most :)) 2 wide-playmaker with 2 mezzalas and the forward partnership is F9-SS. At the back we have 2- IWBs and 2- BPDs.
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